Monday Sessions, Free Events, Workshops
In-Depth Study and Experience Series

with kironJ

It is with pleasure and gratitude that kironJ offers these ACIM events

Monday Sessions

1st and 3rd Mondays: Study Sessions
2nd Mondays: Silent Practice Sessions


7.30 – 9pm UK time


Study Sessions:
£15/£12/£8 per session,
£50/£45/£30 for a block of 4
attending at your convenience
Silent Practice Sessions:
by donation


‘Many thanks for your clarity and fearless responses in the group.
To see how calmly and clearly you respond, and without judgement, is an inspiration to me’

In study sessions we look at a passage in the Course followed by sharing, allowing the metaphysics to support our forgiveness practice
There is a Clarification of Terms drop in series in January February and March

In silent practice sessions the format is 2 sets of 15 minutes silent practice followed by 25 minutes sharing
In January, February and March we will join in the holy trinity practice, focusing our minds on 3 aspects of Truth

The holding idea for all sessions is that Spirit will work through us as one, providing perfect healing and means to embrace the Course teaching
For newcomers and longstanding students alike

Maximum number of participants is 12



Free Events

 Christmas Silence

7.30 – 9pm UK time

Monday 19th December

‘Nothing will hurt you in this holy place, to which you come to listen silently and learn the truth of what you really want’

We will have Christmas quotes from A Course in Miracles to lead us into 20 minutes of silent joining
followed by sharing

Holy preparation
Opening our minds to the power of silence 
Choosing Spirit Silence as our experience of Christmas 2022

‘It is in your power to make this season holy, for it is in your power to make the time of Christ be now’

 ACIM Outreach

7.30 – 9pm UK time

Monday 23rd January

kironJ and Britney met this year to make a video for Britney’s Living with Jesus series
They had an instant rapport and found a shared interest in ‘ACIM Outreach’:
Britney loves to extend the Course teaching through her work with food 
and kironJ more recently as a trainee ski instructor
In this gathering, kironJ and Britney will be in conversation about their outreach experiences
then we will have a 10-minute silent reflection
followed by sharing and questions


Online Workshops

‘I find these whole day courses relaxing.. I guess because they uncover things which had been driving uncomfortable feelings’
‘Many thanks for holding the space so powerfully, as always’
‘Thank you again for facilitating so beautifully’
‘Lovely space so skilfully held’
‘Come without all thought of what you learned before, and put aside all images you made.                                The old will fall away before the new

Hosted by the Miracle Network

7pm Friday 9th December – 1pm Sunday 11th December 

£50 (£33 concessions)


Christmas is a highly significant symbol within our world and our studying of A Course in Miracles. It means everything or nothing, depending on our perception. It offers a supreme classroom for healing. This retreat is an opportunity to be still, look within and choose to remember the Christ in you. It is offered as a high, high calling to the Light

The Christ in you is very still. He looks on what He loves, and knows it as Himself’ 

We will explore and share:
the supreme forgiveness opportunities that Christmas brings
taking our past Christmases off the timeline practicing Christ’s vision this Christmas choosing the miracle of no opinions Christmas passages in the Course
loving each other as Light
Christ contemplations
our holiness

Friday: 7 – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 1pm, 3 – 5pm, 7 – 9pm                          Sunday: 10am – 1pm UK time

In between sessions on the Saturday of this retreat participants are invited to rest, journal, walk… and be with the healing process


‘Open all doors and let the light come streaming through’

OPEN 2023
with Corinne Zupko

Saturday 21st January
3pm – 6pm UK time




In June 2022, Corinne and kironJ co-hosted a workshop entitled ‘Open’. It was ease and grace all the way..
Now Corinne and kironJ are offering a New Year gathering, welcoming in 2023 and all the miracles that ‘stand in shining silence’ waiting for our open minds to receive them

And there will be no fear in us, for in our vision will be no illusions; only a pathway to the open door of Heaven, the home we share in quietness and where we live in gentleness and peace, as one together’

Open 2023 is a 3-hour workshop. Corinne and kironJ will be in natural conversation about their own experiences of opening to the Light, followed by a healing process to prepare our minds for miracles in 2023 and beyond
There will be a 15-minute silent joining and then plenty of time for participants to share


‘The Peace of God is shining in you now, and from your heart extends around the world’

Stanmore, London

3pm Friday 17th February – 3pm Sunday 19th February

£60 (non residential)


From an internet search on personality:

a characteristic way of thinking, feeling, and behaving 

embracing moods, attitudes, and opinions and most clearly expressed in interactions with other people

Just how much are we operating from and through personality?

Does it matter and is there an alternative?

One of Bill Thetford’s friends described his way of being as ‘an absence of personality noise’
What miracles would come in radiating peace instead of personality?
We will explore together


‘God rests with you in quiet.. in this quiet state alone is strength and power’


Saturday 25th February 

2pm – 6pm UK time



Vast Silence, Holy Silence, Blessed Silence

Coming together to open our minds beyond the dream acknowledging we can only receive from Spirit, never from the illusory world

There is unlimited healing potential in joining minds in silence
remembering, learning, practicing and desiring to be joint hosts to our Creator

The aim of this workshop is to support our choice 

in going deeper into the heart of ACIM
in experiencing the power of shared silence
in becoming more familiar with the silence of Spirit
in igniting the desire to welcome God back into our minds

‘And should you join a brother as you sit with him in silence, and repeat God’s Name along with him within your quiet mind, you have established there an altar which reaches to God Himself and to His Son’

We will have a rhythm of silence and sharing
20 minute periods of silent joining, then sharing, a short break and repeat..

‘All little things are silent. Little sounds are soundless now. The little things of earth have disappeared’



In-Depth Study and Experience Sessions


4 Session In-depth Study and Experience Series


9th and 23rd February, 9th and 23rd March
7.30 – 9pm UK time


£50/£45/£30 for the series



Our lessons now are geared specifically to widening horizons’

There is immense metaphysical treasure contained in Lessons 181 – 200

Part 1 of the Workbook is coming to a close and we are presented with an acme of spiritual genius
In this 4 part series we will be resting amid the treasure, supporting each other to open our minds further and yet further to receive
There will be pre-reading of 5 of these Lessons before each session, with warm encouragement to make brief notes on the main teaching points, absorbing..
In each session there will be a healing process based on the pre-reading and sharing
The series is open to all who have studied at least the first 100 Lessons of A Course in Miracles and have some familiarity with the Text
This study won’t conflict with practicing the daily Lessons as we are looking at the metaphysics, much as we would study other parts of ACIM

Maximum number of participants is 14




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'Each miracle of joining is a mighty herald of eternity'