Monday Sessions, Free Events, Workshops
In-Depth Study and Experience Series

with kironJ

It is with pleasure and gratitude that kironJ offers these ACIM events

Monday Sessions

1st and 3rd Mondays: Study Sessions
2nd Mondays: Silent Practice Sessions


7.30 – 9pm UK time


Study Sessions:
£15/£12/£8 per session,
£50/£45/£30 for a block of 4
attending at your convenience
Silent Practice Sessions:
by donation


‘Many thanks for your clarity and fearless responses in the group.
To see how calmly and clearly you respond, and without judgement, is an inspiration to me’

In study sessions we look at a passage in the Course followed by sharing, allowing the metaphysics to support our forgiveness practice
May, June and July:
Focus on the Holy Spirit drop in series 

In silent practice sessions the format is 2 sets of 15 minutes silent practice followed by 25 minutes sharing
May, June and July:
A welcoming God practice

The holding idea for all sessions is that Spirit will work through us as one, providing perfect healing and means to embrace the Course teaching
For newcomers and longstanding students alike

Maximum number of participants is 12



Free Events

 Practicing the Holy Instant Gatherings

5 – 5.30pm UK time

Saturdays when a workshop is not being offered

‘The holy instant is a miniature of Heaven, sent to you from Heaven’

Inspiration has come to offer these opportunities
to practice the holy instant together
The format:
A couple of minutes settling and opening
12 minutes silence, practicing the holy instant
15 minutes to share spontaneously, as inspiration arises
There will be no facilitation – we will simply be there together
The blessings of joining in silence
are beautiful, powerful, joyous and unlimited
All are welcome to come and receive

To book, please click on any of the booking icons on this website page

Welcoming God in Every Moment

7.30 – 9pm UK time

Monday 30th October

‘We do not choose the way in which we go to Him.
But we do choose to let Him come..
And in our quiet hearts and open minds,
His Love will blaze its pathway of itself’

Andreas Prohl and kironJ extend a warm invitation to join them
in conversation about welcoming God
Andreas and kironJ will talk about their experiences of the welcome
followed by 10 minutes silent joining and then sharing from participants
‘Each instant given unto God in passing, with the next one given Him already, 
is a time of your release from sadness, pain and even death itself’

To book, please click on any of the booking icons on this website page

Online Workshops

‘I find these whole day courses relaxing.. I guess because they uncover things which had been driving uncomfortable feelings’
‘Many thanks for holding the space so powerfully, as always’
‘Thank you again for facilitating so beautifully’
‘Lovely space so skilfully held’
‘I will be still an instant and go home’


Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June

2pm – 5pm and 7pm – 9pm UK time both days

£50 (£40 concessions)


A Course in Miracles teaches us that this world in not where we belong

‘You dwell not here but in eternity’

It teaches that we make a thousand homes, but none will content our restless minds

‘There is no substitute for Heaven’

We will look at our experiences of trying to be content with this world and the attraction to the body as our home

There will be silent joining, healing processes, study and sharing, all to support the rising of our desire to be at home in God

‘The Son is still, and in the quiet God has given him enters his home and is at peace at last’


‘Fear is a call for love, in unconscious recognition of what has been denied’


Saturday 22nd July

2pm – 6pm UK time 



Whatever our situation, state of mind, physical appearance, age, location, inner teacher..
It’s All About God!
There are only ever 2 options: to deny God or accept God
Every thought and action and relationship represents this simple choice

‘Even in miscreation the mind is affirming its Source, or it would merely cease to be’
In the physical world there seem to be a huge variety of possible experiences and goals, but the meaning of all and any of them is denying or welcoming our Creator 
Such powerful seeing!
This workshop is an invitation to reframe all our experiences and choices in the understanding ‘It’s All About God’ supporting our willingness to let the ego go
There will be healing processes, meditation, quotes and reading from ACIM and sharing
‘Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity to heal the Son of God’


‘I would let the door behind this world be opened for me’ 

with Corinne Zupko


Saturdays 30th September and 28th October 

3pm – 6pm UK time



This will be the third collaboration between Corinne and kironJ on the theme of opening

Spirit is using the different forms of their openings perfectly to show that aligned purpose is everything
There is balance and richness in their partnership: ease and grace continue to lead the way

‘See how easily the door swings open with your one intent to go beyond it’

Open Experiment is a deepening of this invitation to join and open together
In the first class we will be exploring intentions to open our minds beyond all we have experienced before
Between classes we will have solo daily 5 minute meditations, supported by an ACIM quote or general statement of opening
In the second class we will share our experience of the experiment and support each other in continuing to open to Spirit

‘Your Guide is sure. Open your mind to Him. Be still and rest’

Each class will include Corinne and kironJ in natural conversation about their own experiences of opening to the Light, a healing process, silent joining and plenty of time for participants to share


And what you call with love will come to you. Love always answers’ 




Saturday 11th November 

3pm – 6pm UK time



‘Love, too, would set a feast before you’

Britney and kironJ are coming together to support graceful, easy experiences of our holiday season 2023
Drama can often be the “uninvited guest” at our family and friendship gatherings. Drama doesn’t seem to be our choice, but A Course in Miracles teaches there are no “univited guests.” This can be a challenging teaching indeed, and yet if we embrace it the teaching brings miracles!
In this gathering we will be looking at the power to choose our experiences, and how to welcome the guests of grace and ease, peace and gentleness, true nourishment and love, into our hearts and homes this holiday season
Britney and kironJ will both be leading healing processes and there will be plenty of time for sharing and questions



In-Depth Study and Experience Sessions


4 Session In-depth Study and Experience Series


5th and 19th October, 2nd and 16th November
7.30 – 9pm UK time


£60/£50/£40 for the series



‘Brother, there is no death’ 

ACIM teaches that death is the central dream from which all illusions stem and that without death there is no world
This teaching is at the radical heart of the Course, offering us tremendous healing and Life!

In this series we will be looking at the implications of death being our central dream – ‘A slight discomfort, the merest frown, acknowledge death’ – and how ACIM supports us to awaken from our dedication to death

‘And what is the black draped body they would bury? A body that has been dedicated to death’
There will be pre-reading and an exercise ahead of each meeting and in each session there will be a healing process based on the pre-reading and sharing
The series is open to all who have studied at least the first 100 lessons of A Course in Miracles and have some familiarity with the text. Maximum number of participants is 14
‘There is no death because what God created shares His life’





12 Session In-depth Study and Experience Series



4th and 18th January
8th and 22nd February
7th and 21st March
4th and 18th April
9th and 23rd May
6th and 20th June

7.30 – 9pm UK time


£160/£150/£140 for the series



Do you desire joy?

Are you willing to look at your blocks to joy?
Do you choose a radical healing of your mind that will inevitably bring joy?
Yes, yes, yes?
Then may this series be mighty support for your opening to Joy
‘Let our gratitude unto our Teacher fill our hearts, 
as we are free to choose our joy instead of pain’
                                                                                            Ahead of each session there will be pre-reading from ACIM and an exercise to prepare us for the healing processes and sharing when we meet
The 12 sessions constitute a training in how to be joyful
                                                                                              Areas of study and practice will include:
why we reject joy 
why we are attracted to pain
our confusion between pain and joy
the metaphysics of joy
how to uncover our natural desire for joy
how to dedicate our lives to the practice of joy 
The world you see but shows you how much joy you have allowed yourself to see in you, and to accept as yours’
Each session will be recorded and made available to those who were present to support further opportunities for healing
Maximum number of participants is 16
                                                                                                 ‘He guarantees that only joy can be the final outcome found for everything. Yet it is up to us when this is reached’




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'Each miracle of joining is a mighty herald of eternity'